Façonnable Iconics

Façonnable Iconics

From its old roots as a family tailoring shop in Nice, France, Façonnable has embodied the art of tailoring and skilled workmanship for more than 50 years. The expertise lies in the tradition of taking pleasure in wearing beautiful, high-quality clothing, which will always remain the sign of modern chic.

The Perfect Shirt

Colourful designs, precious fabrics and noble tailoring are the strengths in the craft of a Façonnable shirt which translate into a truly exclusive experience. The finest exclusive Italian cottons, shiny mother of pearl buttons, and the strongest seams ultimately result in a luxurious feel and incomparable comfort. Since its origins, the Façonnable shirt represented the core product of the brand, which throughout time, has evolved to meet modern taste and style. The first shirt collection was launched in the 1960’s with a gorgeous cut and classic fit which became the brand signature and synonymous with timeless elegance. Façonnable always designs fashion forward shirts ensuring effortless style and impeccable design.

Special Shirts

The surest sign of being man? Caring enough to wear a shirt with a collar. The surest display of confidence? Wearing a shirt with individual appeal. Since its inception in the 1950s, Façonnable has been renowned for its special edition shirts–a studied collection of fine button-downs with vibrancy and attitude. More than just banker blues or classic whites, Façonnable Special Shirts epitomize the relaxed rebel spirit of the Cote D’Azur.
Pulling from the design codes of the seasonal collections, the shirts complement the main collection but also stand proudly on their own thanks to special accents, like grosgrain ribbons on the collars, vintage travel badges on the placket and multi-coloured checks worked used as contrast trim. Fabric mixing, colour melding and hand embroidery are other time-honoured details that come together season after season.