Heritage & Savoir-faire

Savoir-faire et savoir-vivre, c’est Façonnable.

Façonnable is a lifestyle brand more than a fashion brand. Façonnable represents the Côte d'Azur way of life. It's the life of the jet set: relaxed, elegant, happy, full of color and warmth in the eternal summer. It’s a transmission of codes over three generations.
Façonnable is a playful coinage from the French word “façonner” meaning “to create” and the English word “fashionable”.
Since 1950, Façonnable is known for its perfect cuts, attention to detail, high-quality materials and a strong sense of elegance. The use of a rich and colourful palette inspired by the Mediterranean sea and sky also play an important role. And these colours emblazoned the finest fabrics from neighbouring Italy and around the world.

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The Iconics of Façonnable