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All You Need To Know About Thindown®

Down is the best thermal insulation available. It keeps the body heat and wicks away the moisture. It is breathable and maintains an ideal body temperature.

Made in Italy, the international patent Thindown® is a revolution in the down industry. It is the world’s first and only down fabric cut and sewn like any other fabric but with a new shape.


It was born after a research of over 40 years, from an idea of Canadian Ron Reuben and French down expert Christophe Gaignard. Engineers from 6 different countries got together to develop R40, the custom built machinery to produce Thindown®.

Its production started in Abruzzo, Italy, in September 2015 and Thindown® became a patented fabric and machinery.

“A revolutionary product which enhances down qualities and eliminates its complications”

Key Features

Only the finest down is selected to produce Thindown®. Façonnable has selected a quality of 30 grams goose, 30 grams of real goose down per square meter.

It is a goose down 90/10 (90% of down clusters and 10% feathers, being down cluster the most precious part of down).

Thindown® is RDS certified (responsible down standard) as a guarantee of down traceability and ethical sourcing of the raw material. It is also OEKO-TEX certified, standard 100 class 1, which guarantees it is safe and nontoxic, thus ideal also for infant wear.

  • It is the warmest thermal insulation available.
    Thermal tests have been carried out at an independent US laboratory: IDFL (industry most relevant laboratory for thermal tests) by comparing a sample made with Thindown®, a sample made with traditional down and a sample made with polyester. All samples were made with the same weight and identical shell fabric. Thindown® results were up to 170% warmer than traditional down and up to 450% warmer than polyester.
  • It is a continuous fabric with no cold spots.
  • It eliminates down seepage.
    The special composition of Thindown® solves down seepage of traditional duvet jackets.
  • It is packable and easy care.
    It does not need containment stitching.
  • It offers a better barrier to cold air than traditional down.

Ethical-Social Benefits

Thindown® is 100% traceable and eco-friendly.

Down is sourced at eco-friendly farms, it is a by-product of the food industry and a natural product at low environmental impact.

It has a lower carbon footprint compared to polyester and it can be hand-, machine-washed, and dry cleaned (however this depends on the garment’s shell fabric).

The Façonnable Thindown® Coat

Woven in Italy, our coat is made from virgin wool, lined with a cupro cotton blend and filled with Thindown® goose down.

Its design features a three button fastening, notched collar with a removable buttoned storm tab and twin side flap pockets. It has buttoned cuffs, a back vent to ease movement and provide comfort and two inside pockets to keep your belongings safe.