Shirt Guide

Colourful motifs, quality fabrics and elegant tailoring are the key ingredients of the Façonnable shirt, the brand's flagship product. At Façonnable, we pride ourselves on using the best materials to combine luxury with unrivalled comfort and create a superlative look.

Our first collection, launched in the 1960s, featured the timeless elegance of the classic fit, which over time evolved towards a more relaxed style and a contemporary design.

This guide will help you select your perfect shirt. We explain the different styles, fits, collars and cuffs you will find in our collections, as well as certain style details and the carefully selected fabrics we use.

Our Styles

Special Shirts

From the beginning, when founded in the 1950’s, Façonnable has been known for its collection of special shirts whose unique designs offer an immaculate style and original combinations of fabrics.

These special shirts are generally made using exclusive fabrics. They are bursting with details, from patchwork to embroidery, printing, seaming details and more.

Casual Shirts

Our casual shirts are divided into two types: smart casual shirts and sportswear shirts.

Our smart casual shirts have an elegant appearance but are more relaxed than our formal shirts. They make your business outfits less strict. A chest pocket with the exclusive "trapezoid" Barrette label is our signature.

Our sportswear shirts are less formal, combining comfort with a relaxed look. They can be recognised by their soft button-down collars, front plackets, branded pockets and back pleats. This is the go-to sports shirt.

Dress Shirts

Façonnable formal shirts are easily identified by the quality level of the tailoring and sophisticated finishes.

  • Stiff interfacing to wear with a tie.
  • Double-ply with high thread count resulting in high resistance, long durability and a luxury hand-feel.
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons attached with cross stitch.
  • Standard French seams with dense micro-stitch for an impeccable finish.
  • Rounded hems with gusset.

Our formal shirts are made in some of the best high-end tailoring workshops in Europe.

Our Fits


A straight, comfortable fit for an elegant silhouette found on all our shirt styles.

Our Collars


This is the most relaxed kind of button-down collar. Specially designed to be worn unbuttoned, it is soft and cannot be worn with a tie. It is used for our sportswear and special shirts, and is perfect under a jacket and with chinos or jeans. A version of this collar has also been created for our smart casual shirts, with a stiffer interfacing so that you can wear a blazer or jacket on top.


This is our Italian collar. With its stiff interfacing and spread points, it is the most elegant collar in the collection. When paired with a tie or bow tie, it is the perfect collar for wearing with a suit.


This is our slightly smaller, softer version of the Italian collar. It perfectly reflects Façonnable's identity and the style of the Riviera: relaxed and elegant. We recommend wearing it with a tie, but it works just as well without one.


This is a modern take on the Italian collar. It is unstructured and less open, and can be found on our sportswear and special shirts.

Our Cuffs

Single Cuff

Our casual shirts' rounded cuff always comes with a second adjustment button and 6mm or 3mm topstitching depending on the fit.

Round Cuff

The cuff is stiff enough to keep a nice rounded shape for formal shirts.

French Cuff

The French cuff is designed for dress shirts. It is fastened using cufflinks.

Our Signatures

The Trapezoid Barrette

The "trapezoid" Barrette label positioned on the side of the pocket is the hallmark of our casual shirts.

The Rectangular Barrette

The "rectangular" Barrette label on our pockets has been an icon of our sportswear shirts since the very beginning.

The "Pie" logo

Inspired by the world of golf, the “Pie” (birdie) embroidered logo is an integral part of Façonnable's history. Available in seasonal colours to perfectly match all of our sportswear shirts.

Our Fabrics

We select our poplin, zephyr, Oxford, twill, chambray and flannel from the very best weavers. They are developed exclusively for us, prioritising constructions and colour combinations that offer something truly unique.


The most classic and the most common weave. It is the quintessential fabric for formal shirts, whether for the office or for a special occasion. This fabric is spun and generally garment dyed. It is made by weaving a weft (vertical threads) on top of and underneath each of the warps (horizontal threads), alternating each row.


Oxford is a light, textured cotton fabric with a so-called "pin" effect that creates a soft, bumpy feel. It is obtained by weaving a single weft over and under two smaller warp threads. Its name comes from the English city of Oxford, where the fabric was first manufactured for making casual, button-down-collar shirts. It is slightly thicker than poplin and is durable, making it ideal for casual shirts.


The name "flannel" comes from the Welsh word "gwlamen" which means "added to wool". Traditionally, it is a soft woollen fabric with a loose twill weave. This fabric is soft, durable, and slightly brushed at the end of the production process. Renowned for being very warm, it is perfect for winter shirts. It is commonly used to make the checked shirts and overshirts.


Twill fabric can be recognised from its diagonal weave. Twill weaves are used to produce very sturdy, hard-wearing fabrics. Thanks to its thick structure, twill creases less than poplin and is easy to iron.


A lightweight fabric toile, most of the time weaved with an indigo yarn in warp and white yarn in weft. Chambray can be worn both in a smart casual or sportswear style.


A toile construction with fine weaving. It is particularly comfortable, lightweight and soft to the touch. Perfect shirt for summer.