1. 1950

    Jean Goldberg, from a master tailor heritage family opens a boutique-atelier on rue Paradis in Nice the birthplace of the brand. Heir of a tradition and know-how of the great artisans of Eastern Europe, he very quickly became a staples of the French Riviera.
    The results of his work was to dress the movie stars of this era such as Cary Grant or Tony Curtis, with his unique form of classic style with a twist which helped quickly establish the brand in all France.

  2. 1961

    Albert Goldberg takes over the family atelier in Nice. His know-how and artisanship inherited from his father resulted in supreme art of cutting and finishing for luxury garments. He created a new lifestyle for the jet-setters of his time, reflecting the essence of the French Riviera.

  3. 1969

    Superb tailoring and exclusive luxury fabrics showcase an unparalleled elegance that has been part of the brand’s DNA since the beginning.

  4. 1975

    A classic wardrobe for a modern man of the mid 70’s is created. Façonnable successfully collaborated with the top European and American companies to create exclusive collections – like Alden, Sebago and Van’s. Additionally, in collaboration with Loro Piana, Albert Goldberg created the innovative " Façorain© " fabric: an invisible membrane applied to prestigious wool and cashmere fabrics - thus becoming completely water and wind repellent, while retaining their luxury hand and natural breathability.

  5. 1980-2000

  6. 1987

    During the eighties the founders of a small, high-end French eyewear maker, ODLM, approached the family behindFaçonnable. The idea: to create frames and sunglasses that would walk lockstep with the Façonnable man. The partnership came to fruition in 1987 and almost three decades later those beautifully made specs are still making the right kind of style statements.

  7. 1990

    Façonnable launches its first collection of watches.

  8. 1995

    Façonnable creates a unique womenswear style for the American market. In line with the men’s collections, this new line offers style, tradition and authenticity with a very feminine twist.

  9. 1999

    Following the success in America, the women’s collection is launched in Europe in 1999. The brand is now at the peak of its success, epitomizing the French Riviera art de vivre.

  10. 2001

    Nordstrom, the giant U.S. retailer, acquires Façonnable.

  11. 2006

    Since 2006, Façonnable has been an official sponsor of the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, serving up uniforms for the tournament’s staff as well as creating an exclusive Monte-Carlo Country Club Collection for tennis-enthusiasts.

  12. 2007- 2015

    Lebanon - based M1 Group acquires the brand. Façonnable is now enjoying a new era that brings a long term vision to increase brand equity.

  13. 2016

    Pepe Jeans Group takes over the management of Façonnable.
    By championing its chic French Riviera origins and recommitting itself to quality craftsmanship, Façonnable has begun to reap the rewards of the new strategy. This is a very exciting moment for Façonnable, as we are creating collections that are fresh, beautifully executed and true to the brand’s rich heritage of the Côte D’Azur.