Tailored Denim Edit

Façonnable Tailored Denim

Urban style and craftsmanship savoir-faire

Tailored Denim Collection reveals the French elegance and the quality craftsmanship of Façonnable. It is made from refined stitching, superb fibers and distinguished fabrics. Handmade methods, the finest materials and contemporary fits make for a collection that is as handsome as it is current.

Through a palette of klein blue colours, and with the indigo as the collection’s reference, the garments are dyed into a deep blue that has been achieved thanks to the use of highly specific dyeing techniques. Featured pieces include end-on-end patchwork shirts, selvedge jeans and tote bags with the 7&9 print, which refers to the Façonnable store located at 7&9 Rue Paradis in Nice, the brand’s birthplace.